...First I appreciated her intellect.  She has a wealth of experience but is also quick to pick up new topics and become a master of these in short order. 

Second, I appreciated her leadership.  She engaged her staff in a way that garnered strong support and sacrifice when needed.  She created a following of senior leaders and groomed them through experiences that would benefit them as well as the organization.  

Third, I was amazed at her drive and work ethic.  Judy is a very self-disciplined individual who will complete what she sets out to accomplish.  

Lastly, I enjoyed her view on life.  She approaches things with a sense of humor and a sense of perspective that allowed for a pleasant working relationship....



You are such a clear, organized and articulate thinker and presenter! You have a way of organizing complex information that packs a lot of useful information into a simple, easy-to-digest format.  And you have an unparalleled ability to explain your points in a calm, confident and reassuring manner.  It's obvious that a sharp mind and the wisdom of experience sit behind it all!  You make it easy for your audience to have confidence in you



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