BIA Consulting Services LLC 


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  • Strategic Planning
  • Spearhead Initiatives
  • Troubleshoot Scenarios
  • Leadership Mentoring
  • Supplemental Leadership Roles 
  • Sourcing Selections


BIA president and founder, Judy Feldman, has successfully led companies through significant business change with proven ability to bring the benefits of IT to solve business issues while mitigating cost and risks. 

Experience counts

Mentor your IT team in defining your company's technology strategy, identify business value, and develop a roadmap for implementation.  BIA will recommend strategies, allocation of resources and measurements to guide the implementation of the strategy to success

Gain business buy in for key strategic initiatives and ensure successful implementation 

including periodic assessment against business value and risk

Build a solid senior management team through BIA assessment, daily mentoring and project oversight. Stabilize operations by leveraging BIA in temporary leadership roles filling in for key open positions

building leadership